Warn When Deleting Bookmarked Items & Remove From Starred List

I tried searching for this & could not find anything so I apologize if it already exists.

Currently Obsidian will allow you to delete something that you have starred.

This leads to some small confusion & extra work when you go to your starred item pane, as now you have starred items that no longer exist.

Obsidian handles it gracefully enough, telling you “can not find file xxx” but, I think it would make for a much smoother workflow if when you go to delete something that you have starred, Obsidian would warn you with something to the effect of “This item is currently starred. Are you sure you want to delete it? By Deleting it you will also be removing this item from your list starred items.”

As the dialog says, if you confirm that you’re sure, then Obsidian would also remove the starred entry from the star pane.



I just encountered this and was about to file a bug report for this same issue, but managed to find this post. I had the same confusion.

For what it’s worth, I would be happy if Obsidian just automatically removed the item from the Starred list upon deletion. But I also see the merits of a general “Are you sure? This will…” confirmation dialog before deleting a file.

Yeah, I encounter the same thing. I used Scriptable to display starred list and it emerged all deleted starred notes. I have no idea how to remove it from the starred list.