Warn before overwriting online iCloud file

Obsidian doesn’t work with online files in iCloud, which is understandable. But there is no way to keep a folder permanently offline in iCloud (the service, classic Apple, automatically offloads any file which hasn’t been opened recently, without configurable settings besides asking it to re-download periodically). But Obsidian will overwrite the contents of files which are not downloaded.

Use case or problem

Any time I’m working with my vault this is a danger when creating new files.

Proposed solution

Some options:

  • Upon opening the vault, Obsidian scans “.icloud” files which are not downloaded and warns you of these files/folders.
  • Before creating a new note, Obsidian checks if it’s a “.icloud” file and warns you before overwriting that note.

Current workaround (optional)

Just re-download the vault periodically.

p### Related feature requests (optional)