Wanted (REWARD): PKM Switcher - A Utility for Porting between PKM Platforms

All right: I hope it’s OK to post a bounty here: Wanted - ‘PKM Switcher: A software for porting your PKM from platform to platform’. Talented PKM-savvy programmers: It can’t be that hard to create a mapping from theBrain, Obsidian, Hepta, Logseq databases from one to the other? I know there will be some complications to handle: How to handle attached files, links and backlinks, etc. But this is not rocket science. It’s a parsing problem at worst. I think this space needs something like this.

I, for one, am struggling to choose a platform, and it’s made all that much harder by the fact that I have to leave my old notes, etc., behind. What if we had a slick, GUI-driven-for-the-masses-who-can’t-write-python-script, PKM Switcher? Any talented coders out there who think they could make quick work of this? All of the nascent platforms have limited resources, so why not do this one as a community? How many hours would it take you? What kind of bounty would motivate you? [Apologies if I’m breaking posting rules, I’m quite the newb…]

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That’s the power of Obsidian. it is not GUI based, and you own your own notes. The notes are in plain text and can be read on almost any platform or program. With propriety data base programs, your data is stored on their servers and if one day the company goes
“poof” all your files are lost. Your Obsidian notes are stored on your own computer. Obsidian is extensible and it runs on just about any platform that exists and will exist. Obsidian does use markdown, but that is also readable on almost any platform. No need for any special parsers.

There’s a plugin that can do what u expect. Though I have not tried it yet.



Thanks folks - I suppose I need to learn the finer details of data structure so that I can port databases from one app to the other. Barry - I understand this benefit of Obsidian, but the problem is, I’m currently using: Obsidian (ok, but PDF annotation is not great, too ‘DIY’, and I’m a researcher who primarily reads papers for a living…); Logseq (amazing PDF annotation built in…); Hepta (whiteboards, nesting, instantiation- being built from the ground up in Beta right now); and theBrain (where I started out). So, I’m kind of stuck with my information all over the place, and wish I could move easily back and forth… Bryan - thanks for the samepage tip - looks promising, but this bit about pages being technically public is a concern - they’re working on encryption, and the UID is probably unguessable anyway. Thanks again for your replies, both of you!