Want to know correct way to configure "cards" feature with Minimal 4.4

I cannot get cards working in Minimal v4.4

Things I have tried

I tried to recreate the example that Federico Viticci discussed in the 1/14/22 “MacStories Weekly”. This code should (he says) produce a most-recent file list table displayed as cards when Minimal v4.4 is installed. (Which it is.)

cssClasses: cards
table file.mtime as "Last Modified"
where file.mtime < (date(today) + dur(1 day))
sort file.mtime DESC
limit 6

Cannot figure out how to get Discourse to show the final three ticks, in my file they are present

What I’m trying to do

Get cards working in Minimal v4.4 by modeling a published example using my own vault and a test file.

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Do you relaunch Obsidian?
One note: I don’t know if it’s the case, but this naturally doesn’t work in Live Preview (any yaml “cssclass” don’t work in LP).

  • Relaunch? Yes, force reload
  • Live Preview? When I turned off and used reading mode instead, the cards worked

Thank you!

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