Wanna find theme author

Hello, community! x)
I hope I chose the right subforum to post…

I really want to talk with theme author named Piglet1236, his (or her?) themes have names Ruby, Torquoise, etc. Ruby is my favourite theme since I’m using Obsidian, but it desperately needs update, especially after latest updates of the app. This thing is just AWESOME and perfect for my bad eyes. If someone knows the author or maybe you can read this for youself, please make some update one last time, your themes just the best T_T
Will be grateful if someone who knoes the author can show him/her this thread(

Not really the right subforum, but that’s ok. I moved it to Help.

Every theme has a link to a Github project. Her repositories are here: gracejoseph1236 (Piglet1236) · GitHub

You could make a comment there, if she doesn’t see this thread. (Bearing in mind that support for free themes is never guaranteed.)

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I found her Git but it doesn’t seems like she use it anymore( But I’ll try to create account there and write a message, maybe it would help.

And thank you for moving the thread, I was thinking of Help but wrote wrongly still xD

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