W/ Google Drive sync: Is it important to close Obsidian on PC 1 before editing on PC2?

When using Google Drive, is it important to completely close Obsidian on machine #1 before you open/edit files using Obsidian on machine #2?

Or can you leave Obsidian open on both computers, without concern, and edit/append content using either computer at any time?

Is this a purely hypothetical question or are you planning to use this way of working?

You do not need to close Obsidian. The notes will automatically update. Even if that note is currently open.

But as for editing one note at the exact same time from two versions of Obsidian, I don’t know that. I don’t know how Obsidian handles conflicting changes.

I think Obsidian just reads the file, so never faces a conflict. If there’s an edit in progress at the very moment it is changed elsewhere, I’m pretty sure the edit won’t be saved at the same time as open document is updated - it will update one before the other.

Google sync can’t always be instantaneous and will save conflicting copies; probably a minor issue as long as the conflicted copies are picked up quickly.

In general, I’d expect it would only be an issue where Google Sync was delayed (eg internet down) or two people were editing the same file.

Hi @RikD – not hypothetical. This is how I am currently using Obsidian:

  • Quick capture via DynaList (Android)
  • Move and flesh content out in Obsidian
  • 45% of the time I am using Obsidian on Windows
  • 45% of the time I am using Obsidian on Apple
  • 10% I’m using DriveSync to Markor on Android (view only)
  • TBD: will likely try iA Writer for iPad OS

I’ve been trying to remember to close each instance of the application to avoid change and merge conflicts. But I’ve seen how gracefully Obsidian handles live CSS changes, so it occurred to me that perhaps this wasn’t necesarry.

But then again, perhaps it depends on whether the Drive Sync happens as quickly? Not sure. Hence the question to the community.

I doubt there’s any advantage in closing Obsidian. At times, I edit same file in more than one vault and in other programs - never closing anything. Had no problems with that.

My files are in Dropbox, but what I don’t do is edit on two platforms at once. I’d be happy to try, but simply don’t have the need.

I use Obsidian on my Mac Pro at my desk and also on my MacBook Pro when not at my desk. I have never had any issues with leaving Obsidian open on both.

I have the impression that this is the way Google handles concurrent access to files. Like I look at things Obsidian is just using a file handler on a local computer (like any other file on your computer).