VSCode Search Editor function

This sounds like a terrific idea,. I cannot find anything like this mentioned here already, so I cut and paste it below…
Quoting @Aurelius from Discord/Knowledge Management

a page that lets me have a live updating record of search results according to tags/regex/whathaveyou

@ Théry responds…

vscode has a similar built in feature for that called search editors (see https://code.visualstudio.com/updates/v1_43#_search-editors), it let you query a search and have all the results directly in the editor.


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If you like/prefer working in VSCode, which is were I spend most of my working day, then you might want to give Foam a look.

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Yeah, I’m giving it a go. Not clicking with me yet though - horses for courses!
I’ve found the graph to be a bit flaky, and a good deal of general friction compared to Obsidian. I will persevere though, for a while.

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Likely to need a lot of community polishing. And general involvement. One developer can’t be expected to achieve the same level working on it in their spare time.