VSCode Like Command Pallete

In VS Code there is single search bar (Ctrl + P) that can not only search files but also show and run commands (by prefixing >), search and goto symbols in the current file ( by prefixing @) and finally search and goto symbols across files (by prefixing #), there are other prefixes that do can do more things.
By starting with ? you get all the prefixes that are available
Screenshot from 2020-06-06 20-49-32

I think this can be a really awesome feature to have in Obsidian, especially symbol search (headings, links, etc). This would enable a fluid search and goto experience that can become a big plus point versus competing products.


Just making sure you know that Obsidian has a command palette, too.

I agree, though, that expanded functionality in it would be nice.

@aszen Are you suggesting combining the current command palette with the quick switcher? Interesting idea.

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Yeah I know about the command palette and the quick switcher, the idea is to combine the two and use prefixes to decide whether to run a command or switch to file.
By default it should switch to a file but entering > can show a list of commands that can be run.

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Exactly that, so as to freely go between searching and running commands. Ofcourse this also enables the UI for more powerful searching with more prefixes