Voice input on Obsidian Mobile

Since I started using Obsidian a few weeks ago I’ve been wrestling with how best to set it up on my Android phone. Typically I mainly want to add text to my daily note (so the swipe down gesture is assigned to Open Daily Note) but typing and navigating is still less than ideal. I’ve seen very little on using voice input, so I thought I would share my experience.

I installed Hacker’s Keyboard from the Play Store, mainly to make it easier to type control characters. Then I noticed a new button had appeared right at the bottom of the screen. Clicking this offers the choices…

  • Gboard (Google’s standard keyboard)
  • Google voice typing
  • Hacker’s Keyboard

I place the cursor where the note is to be, click the button and choose Voice Typing, then dictate my note. So far the accuracy is excellent.

Other useful additions to the Mobile toolkit are…

  • Google Lens (for OCR)
  • Google PhotoScan (quite good quality document scans)
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Thanks for sharing! I moved the post to Sharing & Showcase.

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