Visually enhancing the categories of linked notes using geometric constraints in local graph view

Use case

I make regular use backlinks to organize the content of my work as a PhD student. I find it extremely helpful because:

  • creating those associations between notes is
    • easy and very quick
    • relatively mistake-proof, since the user only has to type-in the existing note names

I would like to use the graph view in order to see the linked notes to a specific note together with the categories of notes.

What do I mean by “categories of notes”

This is highly user-dependent.

I frequently categorize my notes by simply adding them to specific folders. For example, I have a folders named “Phenomena”, “Methods”, etc.

Current limitation

The local graph only offers a way of distinguishing between the notes by means of creating groups and using different colors.

But this is both cumbersome and inadequate for use case I am presenting, because:

  • One would have to create the group every time one opens the local graph view
  • The coloring of the nodes is not a good enough solution for me, because when the graph is relatively large and there’s a large number of categories, using many colors is difficult to read

Proposed solution

It would be quite useful to have to ability to:

  • Define categories of notes
    • similar drill to how it is done already, using one or more of the following
      • path
      • filename
      • tags
  • Have some categories of notes as global categories, so that the user does not need to repeat the same task of defining the categories that they frequently use
  • When the categories are defined, the nodes corresponding to the categories are either
    • permanently enclosed by fluidic (in that they can move with the graph) colored shapes that carry the name of the category, or
    • static shapes that “lock”/constrain the node movement inside them

An example of such a solution is shown in the image below

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Did you know that you can bookmark graph views? Afak, this doesn’t work for local graphs (yet), but in the meantime you could for example work with specific tags and then filter your global graph in order to reduce its size.

Apart from that, there are some related feature requests, for example this one:

That could work, however I do not use tags this much, I prefer the backlinking feature. Not that I have much to tell you against using tags.

But even if I were, when I use tags I create multi-leveled ones, such as: #Level0/Level1/Level2.

If I wish to categorize based on level 1, I’d get different nodes in the graph for #Level0/Level1 and different for #Level0/Level1/Level2.

Regarding link types, it has been a feature request for a long time, I do not expect to see it soon, or at all