Visually differentiating multiple open vault windows (on Windows, et al.)

What I’m trying to do

New to Obsidian. Amazing project, everybody.
When 2 or more vaults are opened up on the screen in Windows (I’m expecting that Mac & Linux are similar), the vaults look a lot like each other – assuming the same theme and other settings.

How do users manage these in your mind? Do you simply get used to it? Is there a plugin or a trick to perhaps place a color tag in the corner of each window marking which vault is which? Have others also wanted a more distinct visual identifier? Thanks for any advice.

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I’m keeping it simple and all though I keep the same theme, I change the accent colour so that my side panels have different colours. That’s enough for me, together with the repetition of the vault name in the menues.

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Thank you, holroy. Accent color sounds like a good solution.

Update: The File Color plugin by ecustic is getting me close to what I want, by making it easy to color a block of note titles inside the vault filenames list. This could be helpful to others new to Obsidian.

The default Accent Color button, inside options>>appearance doesn’t appear to be doing anything for me. Thank you again.

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I use a CSS snippet to set a different title bar colour for each.

I was more thinking of the accent color as found in Style settings for some of the community themes, like for Minimal theme. Or potentially a theme allowing to change the sidepanel color which I’ve also done in the past.

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