Visual Notetaking Softwares (Curio, Milanote, Muse)

Hi I am new here and trying to find an effective workflow. I plan to use Roam/Obsidian for knowledge management, but I’d like to lay out all the pieces to analyze before commuting the knowledge. I have looked into a few visual note taking softwares like Milanote, Muse, and Curio. Does anyone here have any suggestions or experience with these or other more visual apps?

If you. are on a Mac you should look at Tinderbox Tinderbox: The Tool For Notes It has had bidirectional linking for a long time, a graph view and also helps you to think.

Re Obsidian and Curio.

I use Obsidian and Curio together.

Obsidian has become my “all the time, everywhere, about everything” note-taking life/ work management tool.

It’s a new addition to my workflow, so I’m still tinkering with how I use it.


  • If it’s a short idea, a reference note, or related to an on-going task or project, it goes into Obsidian.

  • If I need to reference files from the web, Curio, Scrivener, Ulysses or another source, I collect links to the files in Obsidian.

(This is VERY useful. Saves hunting for a file after a project’s done and I’ve forgotten where it is.)

  • I also use the Daily Note plugin in Obsidian to create a note each day. In this note, I collect ideas and links. This material might not have an immediate application, but the Daily Note gives context. It shows me when I added the idea (or whatever) to Obsidian and what I was working on at the time.

Re Curio

Curio has been part of my workflow for at least a decade. It’s a visual tool, so my work in Curio is project-based. When a client commissions me for a project, I create a Curio file for the project.

The first idea space in the project file is for the project brief, so that I can reference the brief when I’m working on elements of the project to make sure I’m staying on track. (Curio has mind maps, stacks etc which are very useful.)

Each part of the project has its own idea space in the project’s Curio file: I collect all my ideas there, as well as research.

I link to notes in Obsidian from Curio when I need to; I also link from Obsidian to an idea space in a Curio file as needed.

(Linking is powerful. It saves time and energy and helps me to think.)

Hope this very basic summary is useful. :slight_smile: