Visual Groups in Graph View

Thinking about how the Graph View could be more visually useful – I was wondering if Nodes could be coloured, for example according to Tags?

The concept is that – as I currently use Obsidian – I have a Vault which is about a Topic. Within that Topic, I have many Notes which represent key Ideas relating to the topic.

But there is an intermediate level in the hierarchy of information – which is Themes. Themes represent groups of Ideas connected by some unifying principle or sub-topic.

If the Graph View could include an index of Theme colours, similar to the Key used underneath charts or graphs to define symbols and codes – it could be very useful to quickly locate groups of Ideas in large graphs.

thx.i have similar situation.u help me

@dm5n: You will be happy to hear that in Version 0.11.0, Color Groups we’re introduced. The following is from the release notes:

  • You can divide nodes in graph view into groups based on queries, and customize the color of each group. Color all the nodes!


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Thanks @I-d-as, that’s the exact solution :slightly_smiling_face:

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