Visual distinguishment of | link description or autocompletion in [](links)

Use case or problem

I find myself sometimes needing a different phrasing, because the link name is in a different form that the sentence flow requires. In those cases I would benefit from either [[Pipe|piping]] or using [normal markdown link](markdown link). Both have disadvantages though. The first one is a bit harder to read, cause the color is same for both left and right side and I always fumble as in which is the link and which is the description. The [bracket](round bracket) form is better in that the visual is easier to read, but link autocompletion does not work here.

Proposed solution

It would be great to either have the description part in [[]] piped links grey or have autocompletion support for [this](form of links).


Coincidentally, someone just requested something very similar yesterday: Coloured Piped Links (easier to read in Edit)


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Try turning off ‘Use Wikilinks’ in Settings → Files and links. For me, this autocompletes to [name of link](path/to/ when I start with [[ and some text. (You can configure relative/absolute/etc there as well)

Also, the great plugin ‘Paste URL into selection’ allows me to highlight text I want to turn into a link, then paste in a link from my clipboard. Since ‘Use wikilinks’ is off, it produces a standard markdown link like above as well.

These two together have really made my linking easier, and more cross-platform accessible.

Custom colour for the text on both sides of the | symbol in piped links would be nice.

Example usage:
Choose a light gray text colour for the filename of the piped link so that you easily know you can ignore it and read the text that follows.

I don’t know if it’s ok to post this request since i don’t have a proposed solution (I’m not a developer). Maybe someone has some thoughts on a solution though.