Virtual note for tag with a default index template for it

It would be verry useful for me to add like a virtual note for each tag.

When I click on tag, it’s go (create the virtual note, the first time) on tag note.

Default template is use for this virtual note :

LIST FROM #{{current_tag}}

Use case or problem

For each concept/tag I use, I have to create manually a note, and make an index with dataview for this tag !

It’s long, borring and add “reel note” for nothing…

If core program include a hidden note for tag (this is what i call “virtual note”), with autocreating and updating index for this tag, it could be earn many time and do not pollute the vault with index-notes…

What about that ?

I think I remember that there’s a community plugin that does exactly what you want… :thinking:

The Tag Wrangler plugin has a Tag Pages feature which isn’t fully what you want but might still help.


It’s not perfect but pretty cool THX ! I think obsidian creator must integrate this and create a tag note as special note to note appear like “reel note” :wink:

but there is no option to locate the tag note to a specific folder

Do you have an idea to do this?

I don’t, sorry. I haven’t used the tag page feature.

Oh, actually you might look at the Auto Note Mover plugin. Templater also has ways to move files around, I think, but it’s more complicated.

This issue on Github seems to be relevant here:

In brief: tag wrangler is now producing events that would allow templater to take over the note creation but I am not sure whether any of this has been implemented in templater.

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