Vimsidian - Vim plugin to help edit obsidian notes in Vim

I made a vim plugin to search, complete and move [[Link]] in vim. This plugin was made for me, but I hope it will be useful for those who want to easily edit obsidian notes with vim as I do.

If you have trouble using it, please post an issue below. Contributions, edits and distribution are also welcome.


Cool, but what is your use case here? I’m a big (neo)vim fan, but I much prefer editing my notes in Obsidian because the proportional fonts and overall aesthetics are better.

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Thank you.

I prefer speed over the beauty of the edit. This plugin allows me to edit in the familiar Vim, which is much faster.

I believe that the heart of the data in PKM is textual data. The fastest interface for editing that text data is vim.

This plugin provides for resolving relationships between links, searching, and completion functions. For me, this is the minimum and central functionality to make PKM a reality.

I use Obsidian Editor only for media verification and supplemental functions.

Of course, I know there is a Vim plugin for the Obsidian Editor, but I don’t want to manage more settings just for the Obsidian Editor.

Also, I don’t like using GUI editors because I often work on virtual machines.