Vim Visual Mode Highlight (Toggle BOLD Selection)

Steps to reproduce

  1. press “v” to toggle vim visual mode
  2. press “e” to highlight to the end of the current word
  3. press the bold format hotkey to toggle bold format on the selection

Expected result

The highlighted word is now has double asterisk surrounding the highlighted word.
(Optional) exit the visual mode

Actual result

Highlights from the initial starting point backwards to beginning of the page.
And, adds a double asterisks to the beginning of page and another at the start of the initial visual mode point.


Environment setup: ensure that vim “key bindings” is enabled.

Additional information

The toggle for Italics and highlight both work as expected.
(Nice to Have) option to exit visual mode after the format hotkey input.
(Shameful feature request) Press [[ on the highlighted word turns into a wiki link! :innocent:

What does ctrl-b do in vim?
If you don’t want conflics remap the hotkey in settings.

I didn’t even think about the hot keys within obsidian. Good catch! Looks like some of default hotkeys collide between vim editing and obsidian.