Vim-style j/k navigation in all search dropdowns

Things I have tried

What I’m trying to do

I was wondering if there was a way to navigate suggestions that pop up when you are inserting links / doing actions, which allow you to search / opens a dropdown menu.

I know that you can use the up and down arrow keys but because I am using VIM keybindings I was hoping I could rebind that to ALT+j and ALT+k

example menus that i’m talking about

if anybody knows how to change the arrow keys to a differnt bind / knows a plugin to solve this i am all ears.

Partial workaround: If you use the community plugin QuickSwitcher++ it already does allow ctrl-j and ctrl-k to navigate quick switcher results.

I agree this would be great if it was built-in and everywhere, including

  • Quick switcher
  • the command palette
  • auto-link completion
  • where else?

I’m going to move this to Feature Requests (and if anyone knows of an existing duplicate already, please let me know. I could only find FRs related to navigating search with keyboard.)

(And let me know if I was clear. I renamed your title.)

<C-N> and <C-P> are the idiomatic keymaps to move to the next and previous items in a list in vim. Are you able to re-bind them to the Alt bindings you’re after?

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Oh nice, I didn’t realize that worked.

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It’s my guess that this request isn’t about “alt” per se. It’s about the navigation without arrow keys. So unless @knoxy5467 disagrees, I think this is solved, thank you!

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