Vim some keys not working in the vim mode

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Steps to reproduce

  1. Put a long line (no line breaks and longer to the width of screen so it is wrapping).

  2. try to use g0 and g$ commands of vim to go to the beginning and the end of the line (wrapped).

Expected result

Cursor goes to the beginning and the end of the line by these command respectively, these commands work in vim editor

Actual result

Nothing happens


  • Operating system: Win10, Using sandbox 0.14.5
  • Debug info:

Additional information

We don’t support it we also don’t support ^. Please open a FR.

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Did those motions work before, and stop in a recent update?

Otherwise, this might be more an issue to request at CodeMirror: Vim bindings demo

^ and $ do work at least.

they don’t work in the new editor.

0.14.6 (0.14.5 installer) MacOS, ^ and $ are still working for me.

Interesting, then ^ not working for me must be an issue with my layout.

0 , ^ and $ works for me too, but don’t work after g, like g$

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Yeah I understood that. Do you remember if those motions used to work in previous versions?

i am very new to vim, just recently started to learn and test it, so i don’t know

Concerning ^, here is the upstream BR: