Vim mode search is broken

Real simple… in the editor when vim mode is enabled the / and ? search commands do not work. Also, the command prompt : is broken as well.

Help! :hugs:

[edit] One thing I noticed is searching with * works. The word under the cursor is highlighted and I can search for next/prev with n and N respectively. An annoying thing is there is no way to remove the highlighting (normally with :nohlsearch). The highlighting can only be removed with closing the pane.


Also, Vim’s ctrl+f for page down conflicts with Obsidian’s Search current file shortcut.

In Vim mode, Search current file should be mapped to / and ctrl+f should be mapped to page down.

+1, I made an account specifically to bring up this point. :grin:

Yeah, this issue makes vim-mode really gimped when trying to use it.
Hopefully our awesome devs will address these issues soon… :slight_smile:

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+1 0.7.3 still not fixed on all points

+1 on / and ? not working in vim mode.

Thanks in advance to the devs if they fix this, as I imagine it’s a pretty niche feature.

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+1 on this one, I thought I could overcome this by assinging / as a shortcut to the find functionality, but I can’t bind it :frowning_face:

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will be fixed in 0.7.4

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