VIM-mode not support di[

di" : delete all content inside “”
dfx : delete all content until found x
dtx : delete all content to x


In my tests:
di" does work.
di' does work.
dfx does work.
dtx does work.
I’m on 0.8.2, but I remember these working in 0.8.1 I think.

di[ or any other brackets, does not seem to work yet.

For di' or di" are you using smart quotes? ‘smart’ instead of 'regular'. I don’t think deleting inside smart quotes works. It doesn’t work for me.

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Ohhhhh, it’s my mistake.
di[ not work only.

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I’m using the latest 0.11.13 obsidian and none of di[, ci[, ca[, ca" stuffs work… Is it a bug?

Find match brackets plugin I made. It adds a library to the Codemirror which extends the functionality.

It called “Add Codemirror matchbrackets.js”