Vim mode Control-D page down no longer works

Starting with v0.15.1 I noticed that Control-D in Vim mode deletes the character under the cursor instead of paging down. Anyone else experiencing this?

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Bug appears to be upstream in CodeMirror. Filed an issue here:

The problem can be duplicated in the online demo:



will be fixed 0.15.3


It’s not a proper fix, and it doesn’t help with Ctrl+Y that broke just as well, but as a temporary workaround you can add mappings like these to your Vimrc file (assuming you’re using the Vimrc plugin):

nmap <C-d> 20j
nmap <C-u> 20k

Is that nmap working for you in 15.x? Because that was the first thing I went to try and I can’t seem to get nmap to override the behavior.

Actually turns out it’s not, I just happened to get lucky on the first notes I tested it on :frowning:

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