Vim Macros are not saved. You have to redefine the macros every time

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open obsidian
  2. Turn on vim mode
  3. Open a file
  4. Define some macro. Recording keys for repeated jobs | Vim Tips Wiki | Fandom
    You can do this by pressing q + some letter then your operations and then q (in normal mode) to save the macro.
  5. Try the macro by doing @ and the letter you choose.
  6. Close obsidian
  7. Start obsidian again
  8. Try the same macro you defined earlier.
  9. Notice that the macro has disappeared and was not saved.

Expected result

I expect the macros to stay defined even if I close obsidian. This is how the behavior works in the vim editor. It is really annoying that you have to redifine your macros every time you start up.

Actual result

The macros were not saved. You have to redefine them.


  • Operating system: Ubuntu 21
  • Obsidian version: V0.12.19

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