VIM keybindings for CTRL-a and CTRL-x are the wrong way round

Steps to reproduce

In VIM, in normal mode (so, not inserting), when the cursor is over an integer, CTRL-a increases the int by 1 and CTRL-x decreases it by 1. This is implemented in Obsidian! WOO! However, the keybindings are the wrong way around: a decreases, and x increases, at the moment.

Expected result

Ideally, a increasing and x decreasing!

Actual result

The opposite :frowning:


  • Operating system: MacOS
  • Obsidian version: 0.12.15

Additional information

Hard to screenshot. Fingers crossed this is a fairly easy one to fix! Thanks all.

I can’t reproduce. the keybindings work fine for me.

Weird. After reading that I went back to Obsidian to make sure I wasn’t mad, and they’re now working A-OK for me too.

Maybe they have some kind of Garfield syndrome and don’t like Mondays. \s

Thanks for confirming!

I encountered the same issue—after seeing this discussion, I played around a bit more and figured out what was going on (for me, anyway). I was messing with UTC dates (YYYY-MM-DD format), and the keybinding was interpreting the day segment as a negative number. I.e.,

2022-04-05 <Ctrl-A w/ cursor on the 05> → 2022-04-04

In VIM you would get 2022-04-06.