Vim Key Repeat

Hey guys, I discovered a one liner that enables key repeat for vim mode. Simply enter this in the terminal:
defaults write md.obsidian ApplePressAndHoldEnabled -bool false

so mediapathic pointed out that doing this will make diacritics in Obsidian stop working. so if you’ve tried it and want to go back because you need diacritics then just execute defaults write md.obsidian ApplePressAndHoldEnabled -bool true in your terminal


Any chance VIM Key Repeat is on the list to tackle? It really limits my use of the keybindings because it’s so different from how the editor works.

I appreciate finding the same information on how to enable it. It threw me for a moment when I tried to hold down the j key and it only moved the cursor once!

I was thinking about the issue this morning a bit. The key repeat option I suppose “technically” is not part of vim. It’s pretty standard behavior on most computers, but way back in the days of yor it probably wasn’t. I’m not crazy old (only 51) but I started my career on mainframes in the early 90’s and I don’t think that behavior of having a key repeat was available on the character console I used way back then.

So, “technically” not having repeat may actually be something that isn’t implemented because it’s not a vi/vim thing.

All that being said, having a simple option in the preferences to enable it rather than having to execute a command line change in the OS would be preferable.

Of course the vi/vim “way” if you asked a vi Jedi would probably say “Use control-d or control-u”