Vim hotkeys `gj`, `gk` are broken in 1.0.0

2 standard vim commands: gk and gj (usually mapped to k and j respectively using obsidian-vimrc-support) are broken in 1.0.0 but not 0.15.9. This makes scrolling through documents containing long sentences very inconvenient, at least for me and others who use this binding.

Steps to reproduce

  • Install 1.0.0
  • Enable vim support
  • Use the key chord gk or gj

Expected result

  • gj moves cursor down a single visual line of text, rather than a markdown to the end of a markdown sentence. Vice versa for gk, but for upwards.

Actual result

  • gj and gk seemingly picks a seemingly-random position in the below & above visual text line.


  • Operating system: Ubuntu 20.04

they work for me. Post a screen recording of this happening in the sandbox vault.

I don’t use that plugin.

But I do notice that it does seem to be offset, based on characters or Markdown format. My theory is that it moves vertically, but then gets shifted based on Live Preview expanding the Markdown. Does seem like potentially the randomness you are experiencing?

In these tests, I am only using gj and gk, and moving up and down changes where I end up on the first time, and then returns to where it was on the 2nd time.


Even when I switch to Source Mode, the font size is rendered differently, and I experience an offset. Here it is in the Sandbox vault, with a line of spaces to test:


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Confirmed, noticed some brokedness here as well. In my case, it seems like gj / gk just jump to the last character of the line below/above, at least it seems to be most often the case.


Just to confirm that I’m seeing this one as well, reproduced in a bare vault in markdown edit mode (not live preview).

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will be fixed 1.0.1


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