Vim execute recorded macro

Recording a macro in vim mode works fine, but I can’t execute it, because when I press @ in normal mode it goes into insert mode and inserts the @ character.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Enable vim keybindings in Editor preferences
  2. Record a vim macro by pressing qa{some vim command}q
  3. Try to execute the recorded macro in normal mode by pressing @a.

Expected result

When pressing @a the recorded macro should be executed.

Actual result

The recorded macro is not executed. Instead insert mode is entered and an @ inserted.


macOS 11.7.2

I can’t reproduce this. It’s working fine for me.

Please post your “Show debug info”. Please test this in the Sandbox vault.

Also, just guessing from your username, but are you using a German keyboard layout? Maybe that is relevant too. Please let us know. I’m using Canadian layout.

Update: I found an older related bug in Swiss layout: @ not working as vim command with Swiss keyboard

Yes, you are right. That is the same issue. Sorry for not finding that. You can close this, if you like.
I’ll post the workaround I found in the other bug report.

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