Vim digraph in Vim mode?

I’m wondering whether it is possible to enable Vim digraph input in Obsidian Vim mode, e.g. in insert mode, type Ctrl-K followed by o: gives you ö. I tried to set up loading Vim as an external editor for Obsidian according to this post, linked updated thanks to gposcidonio but I am using Windows and was not successful. The Vim digraph is extremely helpful in inserting some Unicode symbols and I miss it.

I’m not 100% certain about this, but my gut tells me that Obsidian uses the Ace editor for Vim keybindings. If this is the case, then you’ll probably want to submit an issue over on their GitHub

EDIT: Also I believe you linked to a different post than the one you intended.

I updated the link. Is there a working solution to open a note in actual gVim from Obsidian under Windows?

The feature was actually requested on their GitHub Add support for vim digraphs · Issue #4498 · ajaxorg/ace · GitHub

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