Vim abbreviations not supported?

When I try to define abbreviations in Vim mode (using :iab x y), an error message is displayed (“Not an editor command”). Does this mean Vim abbreviations are not supported?

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I guess so. Some other functions of vim are not there, like gq} to break long lines.

It may be worth listing somewhere the supported and unsupported vim functionalities.

Found another one: C-O (normal insert mode) is not supported.

A list of unsupported Vim stuff in Obsidian is a good idea. I propose we list only those commands that are useful for how most people use Obsidian. That way, our list may function as a series of feature requests, perhaps.

You can see what is supported by CodeMirror’s vim mode here (check the vim.js link). You should also check out VIM Mode - Quality of Life Improvements and Support loading Vim commands from configuration (vimrc-style) (which has a community plugin available).

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Note that the vimrc support community plugin (the same one mentioned above) also adds a few extra Vim commands on top of the ones natively supported.
No one implemented abbreviations yet, but it’s quite easy as part of that plugin, and also possible as a contribution to CodeMirror itself. Feel free to open a feature request (or contribute an implementation, if you’re up to it :slight_smile: )