Viewing note updates date last modified when no changes made

Things I have tried

  • disabled all plugins
  • turn off templates
  • turn off backlinks
  • turn off file recovery

What I’m trying to do

For some reason the file seems to be modified even when viewing a note.

When viewing a markdown note, the date last modified on the actual markdown file on disk is not updated, but when leaving that note (by clicking a link to another note, or by clicking another note from the Files pane on the left hand side), the time stamp of the file gets modified.

This occurs even if no changes are made to the note.

I noticed this occurring when using the dataview plugin to show recent edits - because the viewed notes get changed, the recently edited list via file.mtime is actually showing recently accessed notes.

I am not sure if I need to do something else to fix this.


Might be this?

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