Viewing and reading files on iPad (free)

Is there a way to sync my work to view and edit my notes on iPad? Any free app? or maybe Obsidian can read .txt files as .md too?

Did you try a search for the 20+ threads on ‘iOS’?

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I did. All I found were the suggestion to use 1Writer (which is paid) or Drafts with Working Copy (Which is again, Paid).
That’s why I tried to get some ideas on free solutions.

[Edit 2020-05-27] We’ve also had a report that mdnotes 2.1k (app store link) is a good choice for a free markdown editor.

How do I work with Obsidian on Mobile??

Its a free markdown editor but fails to interact with github or Gdrive. It doesn’t seem to be able to create files inside Google Drive. I can edit the existing files though.
I should have maybe mentioned it into my original questions regarding what all I have tried and failed. I just directly went for the question. My Bad :slight_smile: