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Hello, look, I want to make my first canvas with my personal tasks and it shows me today, but I want a card to show me the current day when I open this canvas, I’ve tried it with query and dataview but it only shows me lists but not the page itself, I want to see today’s note as if it were using ![[2023-07-15]], thanks

Perhaps …

In your template daily note, put ![[{{date}}.canvas]] on the top.

from @tedp

PS: To get to today’s daily note from anywhere, use the obsidian-advanced-uri plugin …

[DAILY] (obsidian://advanced-uri?vault=yourVaultNAME&daily=true)

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@cdangels (thanks again @tedp)
Have incorporated ![[{{date:YYYY-MM-DD}}.canvas]] into my daily note template …
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created daily note(edit view)
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daily note(view mode)
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“2023-07-16.canvas” is not created yet. Click to create.
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daily note(view mode) with link to created canvas
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side-by-side: Files Folder | Daily Note | Daily Canvas
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