View Status Bar in Pop-Out Window?

Use case or problem

I often use more than one monitor, and then use the awesome option to pop-out a window on one of those monitors. However, on the popped-out window the status bar is not visible. I checked to make sure it’s not just my theme but it also doesn’t appear in the Default theme.

I use the status bar for a word count. That’s it.

Proposed solution

Include a status bar in the popped-out window, please.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I just had a look around the inspector, but I can’t find an element in the popped out window, where the status bar would go.

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Like your idea.

Not what you want, but do you know that the word count is still shown in the status bar for whatever note has focus—or it does in windows popped out on the same screen. Not sure if it works across monitors.

I didn’t know that, and that does work across monitors! Not quite what I was looking for, but for now that’ll do. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Definitely has my vote as a feature request.