View Sibling Notes

Use case or problem

Obsidian enables viewing connections of notes that are in a parent-child relationship. I would like a feature that allows viewing sibling notes.

For example,

  • Say you have three notes (A, B, C)
  • In note A, there is an internal link to B and C
  • Then either in the graph view or something like the backlinks viewer, show the following…

Proposed solution

When you open note B, I would like to see that C is a sibling of B because it was linked together in note A. So A is the parent of B and C and B and C are siblings.

Current workaround (optional)


Related feature requests (optional)

None that I am aware of

You might be interested in the Breadcrumbs Plugin :eyes:


In the note’s local graph, you can extend the Filters depth to 2 and see that B connects to A and that A connects to C.

You might also check out the Map of Content that allows you to do something similar but in a list format:

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So if B has also been linked from D, E, and F, the children of those notes would also appear in the list?

Map of Content let’s you determine the “parent” note for the list, so if all were linked from A, and you set A as the parent note, it would list all of those notes.

The local graph would do the same if you set the depth to 2

I don’t know if you mean the Map of Content plugin or the methodology (I’m not very familiar with either), but if the request depends on either, or if you just want some kind of parent-selection thing, you may want to explain that in the request. (EDIT: Mistook austin for the original poster.)

Thanks for the suggestion!

This does somewhat address what I described, but it is a bit hefty. My computer bogs down quite a bit updating this for a note with many connections and a large vault.

I look forward to having a solution that is as efficient to run as the graph view.

I like how the author of this plugin built up from how they decided to link things. However, I am wondering if there is a way to have this sort of visualization without needing to specify things in the frontmatter like shown here.