View recently changed hotkeys and pinned hotkeys

Use case

Remembering the custom hotkeys.
I know we can search hotkeys, but that requires you to remember things like this:

  • The functionality triggered by the hotkey exists.
  • The name / description of the hotkey.

New users and people with bad memory might like the following suggestions:

Proposed solution

Pinned Hotkeys

Pin hotkeys from the Hotkeys options (hover a hotkey and a pin icon appears to the left of description / name of hotkey).
A dropdown menu on the Hotkeys option page where you can view pinned hotkeys.

Recently Changed Hotkeys

Sort all hotkeys from most recently changed (in the Hotkey options).

View pinned and recently changed hotkeys using a keyboard shortcut

Displays a window split i two; Pinned to the left and all hotkeys sorted by most recently changed on the right.

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You can do pretty much the same as pinned hot keys by pinning commands on the command pallet.

Thanks. Haven’t noticed that (or maybe I did notice it, but not consciously, and got inspired by it).

My Obsidian Mobile Android app doesn’t appear to allow pinning commands on the command pallet yet.
Can anybody confirm please?

I still think something like my feature requests could be relevant because you probably would want to pin the custom hotkey directly when you’ve created it (the Command palette options is far away :).

Updated feature request:
Display 2 categories in the command palette: pinned commands and pinned hotkeys.
Pinned hotkeys can be added as described in my original feature request, and also from Command palette.

In the meantime I took the hotkeys.json file found in the .obsidian folder on my Android phone and converted it to .txt using:

This is quite readable with some tweaking until I find a better solution:

EDITOR:swap-line-up >>> Ctrl+1
Mod key 1

EDITOR:swap-line-down >>> Ctrl+2
Mod key 2

EDITOR:toggle-fold >>> Ctrl+3
Mod key 3

EDITOR:fold-all >>> Alt+ArrowLeft
Alt key ArrowLeft

EDITOR:unfold-all >>> Alt+ArrowRight
Alt key ArrowRight

HOTKEYSPLUS-OBSIDIAN:toggle-bullet-number >>> Ctrl+4
Mod key 4

WORKSPACE:split-vertical >>> Ctrl+Shift+V
Mod Shift key V

WORKSPACE:split-horizontal >>> Ctrl+Shift+H
Mod Shift key H

OBSIDIAN-FULLSCREEN-PLUGIN:fullscreen-focus >>> Alt+F
Alt key F

WORKSPACE:close-others >>> Alt+W
Alt key W

EDITOR:focus-right >>> Ctrl+Tab
Mod key Tab

EDITOR:**focus-left ** >>> Ctrl+Shift+Tab
Mod Shift key Tab

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SOLVED: I missed the crucial bit …

“Pinned commands are managed on the Command palette options screen under Plugin Options

Can we adjust this to allow users to see a list of their current hotkeys?

I just made a note with my custom and frequently used hotkeys, and I would rather have just printed/seen what I have in the tool.