View Photos in Graph View

Obsidian’s multi-dimensional tagging and representation in the graph makes it ideal for viewing photos. Photos could be tagged with one of at least for types of tags: Subject, Date, Location, Event, and the people in it. Then the photos could be navigated via the graph. Start reviewing on any dimension and switch as desired. Start with a person, then switch to Event, then switch to date, the switch to another person or event. If the graph could show a tiny version of the pic and then be able to view the full pic in another window. This would avoid having to arrange photos in a two-dimensional file structure that is always limiting. The plugin could even create little temporary (or permanent) albums of the photos in the dimension being viewed. This would be a three-dimensional photo album. Has lots of possibilities.

The linking and tagging required already exists. Just need to be able to view photos in graph view and provide some sort of preview page of the photo nodes selected.


This would be a very cool feature, I support it with both hands.
Maybe there is already such an interface?

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