View graph with today (or specific date range) highlighted

Things I have tried

Trying to group with a color in graph mode, but I can’t find any search criteria that will find a note by date, either created or modified.

What I’m trying to do

I think it would be really useful, especially at the end of a day or week or whatever, to look at the graph relative to a specific date or range. Not to filter everything else away, although that would maybe be nice too, but have the range be hightlighted somehow. Almost like an overlay.

For those experts out there, is this something even possible? The graph seems to have the concept of time, since you can watch the animation.

One thing to be aware of is that the date created and date modified information is not quite preserved as well as it may seem. I assume this is why many people use frontmatter to keep the correct values stored. Here is a link to a help topic I created when I noticed some surprises. I am not sure if this has been addressed. Wrong Date Created Property

I had meant to create a feature request. But if you see the thread, there is a link to another request that deals with preserving this data for Obsidian sync.


Thanks. I can do this with Dataview plugin of course, and embed it in a note, with something like below, but would love to see it in the graph-view somehow.

	TABLE file.ctime as "Created" WHERE file.cday =
	SORT file.ctime DESC
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