View/Edit mode switch in vi mode using ESC

Use case or problem

In the non-live-preview mode, i.e. Edit/View mode, with vim key-bindings enabled. Could we have ESC switch between the modes. Like vi does, with insert mode (Edit) and navigation mode (view)

Proposed solution

When View/Edit is enabled and vi-mode:

In View mode: ESC + i switches to Edit mode
In Edit mode : ESC switches to View mode

Current workaround (optional)

  1. take hands off the keyboard
  2. take mouse
  3. click View/Edit switch

Related feature requests (optional)

Use case or problem

The VI key bindings are perfect for the preview mode, as VI has 2 modes navigate (view) and edit (edit) :slight_smile:
The current preview (live, legacy) mode and vi key bindings are very complex.

Proposed solution

When using vim key-bindings, could the navigate/view mode be used for preview and edit mode to edit?


  1. User sees page in preview mode : links, pictures, etc. are visible
  2. User presses “i”
  3. Edit switches to edit mode, user sees links and pictures as “[[…]]”
  4. User edits the page
  5. User presses ESC
  6. Goto 1

Current workaround (optional)


Please don’t post the (basically) same thing twice. I’ve combined your posts.

Your original post talks about legacy mode. Your second pose title says “Live Preview”, but your post refers to Legacy editor terms. So I’m not sure exactly which modes you mean. But the idea is basically the same, right?

I also don’t quite understand this.

My interpretation is that when switching between insert mode and normal mode in Vim bindings, the request is that Obsidian automatically switch between… I guess Source Mode and Reading Mode.

Sorry ivancan, but this does seem a bit weird to me. Because Vim doesn’t have a “navigation/view” mode. In Normal mode, you are still quite capable of making (powerful) edits to the text. It’s kind of the point of Vim. And switching automatically to Reading mode would break that functionality.

There is a partially-related request to enable j and k as a scroll option in Reading Mode. And koala made a plugin to do that. Navigating in Reading Mode with Vim plugin (no accidental editing possible :) - #20 by koala

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