Video Tutorial For Beginners On Bullet Point Lines

Hey guys, check out this obsidian video I just posted

I started making YouTube video series on my favorite obsidian community hacks for style and functionality.

My goal with this video series is to help beginners set up awesome community features

In this video I covered how to add bullet point relationship lines created by (thanks for making this)

Meta Post - Common CSS Hacks

I’d love to get feedback on it, wheather here or on YouTube comments

If anyone has requests for future videos that’d be awesome too

Hope you enjoy it!


Really useful especially for a non-techie person as myself. I really want these points and lines so will add. How will I change the colour of the bullets and lines?

Thank you by the way for the clear helpful video and instructions

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Hey @KaneDodgson
Thanks a lot for your awesome message, means a lot man!

I’m really happy you found it helpful.

Lines Color

For changing the lines color check out minute 12:35

but feel free to let me know if you are having trouble.

Bullet Point Color

I forgot to show how to change bullet point color, but it’s super easy too. (I might make a video on it)

If you’d like feel free to let me know what color you want for lines and bullet points and I can modify the code and send it to you here, for you to simply paste it.

Thanks again for watching, means a lot!

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the video link doesn’t work for me

That’s strange, I just checked to make sure it works

Try this one:

If it doesn’t work, it could be some YouTube country location restriction perhaps, let me know if it’s still not working and I’ll look into it

Oh, I’m just doubly stupid. Youtube itself doesn’t load either, because yesterday I edited Window’s “hosts” file to prevent me from getting sucked into youtube and other rabbit holes. The Obsidian forum was on that list for a while, and will be going back on given this evident attempt at self-sabotage. I’m sure your video is great!

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I get you, these things happen, Happy it works!
Let me know what you think of the video either here or in YouTube comments, it helps me keep making these type of videos.

If you also have an future video requests let me know
Have a great day!

I can’t compress, I can’t compress, I can’t compress them to save space, I try shortcuts and it doesn’t work, help