[Video] Super-Heroes, Super-Villains and an Ancient Code in Obsidian

Here’s the story how I discovered an ancient code hidden inside Obsidian with the help of a super-hero and a super-villain.

Before we dive in, a heads-up:

  1. This journey is not for the faint of heart
  2. It’s is going to be long and raw and unpolished
  3. There will with high HIGHS and low LOWS

So if you’re ready to embark, join me on this journey :slight_smile:



There is so much I wish to say and equally ask you which would take to-long than the time I have today. However first and most importantly I wish to offer you a massive virtual hug not out of sympathy, rather out of absolute respect. Absolute respect for your open honesty and the bravery that confession involves. I know this as I lead by example and confess my journey to inspire the people I help to take part in their own. Its raw, hard and anxiety-inducing yet heals and helps us grow. What is important is the balance that you show (Carl Jung would I am sure, applauded you on your self-discovery) of the dark and light, to know not just the good and not just the bad but to own all.

I use Obsidian both for personal self-therapy but also I am also working on turning my therapeutic skills into a self-help process for people using Obsidian and other methods and tools focusing on the world of narrative therapy. Journalling this way is a form of confession. Confession is good for the soul.

I must add your Journey plugin is a wonderful most excellent add on that has seriously brought my ideas together to help people explore their own story. I have a new fledgeling not for profit business here in the UK that uses creative and narrative therapy techniques to help my community re-write their stories. I have a long history myself of journeying out of chaos and trauma and a long history of community and therapeutic work.

The concept of owning both the shadow and light sides of our souls is fundamentally important to recovery, wellbeing and creating a new future story of our lives. I presently have a project to finish (finishing a book at the moment) that I was sponsored by our National Health Service to do on exploring suicide and how to help people change this to something that has hope and purpose) Once this is finished in a few weeks I am going to be putting things together to create self-therapy tools for people to take ownership of their state of mind.

The concept you mention about superhero and villain is a brilliant metaphor as is your linking to the Lord of THe Ring Map. I teach people these things How to draw a map for your journey. How to plan your journey, how to discover your journey and so forth. PArt of that actually its the most fundamentally basic atomic starting point is to truly know who you are both the good and the not so good. The superhero, the supervillain.

As I said too much to discuss and maybe we can pick this up later (I will also share my initial findings with your journey plugin too). Wonderful is not a good enough word to express to you for this video and for sharing your story.

Before I dash off…

  1. I wish to re-iterate my absolute pure love for your honesty (makes my soul sing)
  2. Mention how much I love the Mr Bubbles thing you did or still do
  3. Re-iterate how potentially powerful your Journey plug-in is in the world of therapy/ self Therapy
  4. To wish you the finding of joy and a safe journey through your present turmoil

and most importantly No.5

To say simply,

Thank you.


You are a Great Story Teller. You seem to be a fun person. Hope your turmoil subside and you keep sharing your amazing Ideas on the internet.


Dude, that was an awesome video! Even more awesome at x2 speed, which shows the Enthusiasmo’s blazing ADHD glory even better.

Thank you for doing this. I will have to think about this entire battleground comcept − very interesting metaphor, very rich.