Vertical Split not working

When I create a “new vault” option “Split vertical” and “Split horizontal” is working as expected.

What is making me crazy is that in the existing vault I can not figure out why it is not working.
When I click on “Split vertical” the tabs are stacked one over other. When I click on “Split horizontal” it is creating tabs vertically separated as it should in the case of "“Split vertical”

  • I looked at the options in the settings and I could not find which settings I can reset
  • Not sure if any plugin has caused the regression in the behavior

Clearly it has to do with some settings or plugin as new vault do have this behavior. If anyone has pointers on debugging this issue or experienced has this before please guide. It is making me crazy.

Also, looks like while creating topic I can not upload picture to demo the problem. :frowning:

Found the culprit plugin and it is this one

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