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Use case or problem

In the recent upgrade to V 1.0, people who used features that no longer work in the new version, had a MAJOR DISRUPTION in their workflow. If they were like me, they lost a lot of time trying to debug their systems and decide if they should should reload their vault with the old version of Obsidian, and if so, how to do it.

In my case, Andy’s sliding panes no longer worked, and I did not know how to navigate with the new tabs. The file view also had no sort option menu, so I could not find my latest work from within Obsidian. This turned out to be caused by using the “default” theme.

It would have been a real time-saver if there was a button: “Revert to old version”
That would put the user vault back in the condition that he understood it, and where it worked with his plugins and themes.

Another related great option would be is to open a sandbox with a different (newer) version so you could add your theme, plugins etc there and see how it works. (add the ability to pick your version in the Sandbox).

Proposed solution

Current workaround (optional)

Related feature requests (optional)

I agree this update was disruptive to many users, including myself.

But keep in mind Obsidian wasn’t even at 1.0 version yet. It was still in beta. As a user I didn’t want to complain to much. :slightly_smiling_face: I expect some issues. Obsidian feels awesome and production ready (minus a few key features) even though it isn’t a mature product yet.

Also I expect Obsidian to ship with more plugins build into core in the future, like what happened with sliding panes and pane relief this time, so always read the release notes.

Incremental releases shouldn’t bring big issues but major releases like this one can. Hopefully we get smoother releases, and your suggestion is a good one.