Vaults: Allows for persistent indexing and caching of specific vaults located on external drives

Use case or problem

I frequently work with a substantial amount of static resources, which has led me to create a vault on an external drive to efficiently manage these assets due to space constraints on my Mac. However, I’ve noticed an inconvenience that whenever I close and reopen the vault, the indexing process restarts. With around fifty thousand files, this indexing procedure consumes a significant amount of time during each instance.

Furthermore, upon restarting my computer, the vault list often fails to display the external drive’s vault automatically. This necessitates the manual addition of the vault path to access its contents. Subsequently, there’s a possibility of reloading the cache, contributing to an extended wait time of over ten minutes.

Proposed solution

I propose the addition of a feature that allows for persistent indexing and caching of specific vaults. Moreover, this vault isn’t automatically removed from the vault list even after the external drive is detached.

More precisely, it’s not just after a reboot. It’s when I quit Obsidian, disconnect the external hard drive, and then reopen Obsidian, the vault list loses the vault located on the external drive. Even if I reconnect the external drive at this point, the issue persists. Resolving this problem requires re-adding the vault and going through a series of loading processes. Therefore, I’m requesting the implementation of persistent functionality for specific vaults located on external drives.

Solved it by soft link

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