Vault Settings Folder

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to apply the community theme I’m using on my local Obsidian application (Typomagical) to my published Obsidian site. There is a method described on Help. For that, I’m trying to find the Settings Folder in my computer (MacOS Sonoma 14.2.1 (23C71)).
There was a reply about invisible folders on Mac, but I couldn’t locate the folder with that too.

Thank you in advance…

Things I have tried

I’ve searched Help sections for the method. There is a method on this link: Customize your site - Obsidian Help
However, I couldn’t find the Vault Settings Folder in my vault folder. It might be due to my moving the folder to another location.
I have read a previous forum topic (“I couldnt find vault settings folder (default: .obsidian)”) and after reading it, I have went through my computer’s Home/Library folder to find an Obsidian folder that could include any invisible files
Looked for any locations that could include the folder, tried to make possible invisible files visible in those folders, but since there are many, maybe I have skipped some of them.

On macOS, in the Finder, you can show hidden files & folders by typing

cmd + shift + . (period)

I think you are looking for the .obsidian settings folder that’s in each vault.

Thank you. I just can’t find where I’m supposed to find it. I have two vaults and their location go like this:
(main user folder) / Obsidian Base / Vault Folder
I tried cmd+shift+(period) on every step, it changed the appearance of the folder but didn’t reveal any hidden folders in it.

It seems you’re on mac, not that it really matters, but try going to Settings > Appearance > CSS snippets, and click on the folder icon there. This should reveal the snippets folder within Finder (or your file explorer), and these CSS files are in the <vault>/.obsidian/snippets/ folder, in other words one folder beneath the main folder for Obsidian settings… :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much! It turns out that the Mac Finder did not show the .obsidian folder even with hidden folder methods. This helped me to locate and access it. Cheers.