Vault Security when using local encrypted drives


If I’ve got a Vault on a Veracrypt or Cryptomator drive , is Obsidian going to leave any unencrypted content elsewhere after I’ve accessed the vault md files etc after I unmount my secure drive?

I’m thinking about index files, temp files etc here…

I assumed that that index files would get stored within the Vault (i.e. on the Veracrypt drive) but I’ve never seen confirmation of this.

I’m using a Windows 10 system.

Many thanks for any advice on this.

Possibly this page could help:

Thanks. It definitely does help
I had noticed that (for me) Obsidian does indeed store all that plain text data here:
and all that data will persist afterwards. I might do some experiments to save my global Obsidian index data on the secure drive (being mindful of the Caveats on the help pages about symbolic links etc).

Is it likely that data could reside anywhere else?

I was wondering, has anyone ever created a Portable version of Obsidian? Is this possible?