Vault picker automatically opens every time I start Obsidian

The default vault always used to open automatically but suddenly the vault picker opens instead. I only use one vault and it is driving me crazy. I just want to smoothly pick up where I left off each day and this throws me off. The only thing in the forums I can find are from people who want this as a feature. I don’t, please help.

Are you hosting your vault remotely? This happens to me if and only if the network-path of my NAS can’t be reached.

It’s in my windows Documents folder and I have a sync subscription. It worked fine a few days ago. I also access it through a laptop, a tablet, and my phone through the sync. I’ve noticed that the at least once the stuff I added on my phone did not update to the sync. Not sure if that’s related, though.


If you close the vault switcher (with your main vault still open) before you fully quit Obsidian, does that help at all?

Check your settings in Windows to make sure your Documents folder is not syncing using Microsoft OneDrive. If it is, you might have sync race conditions by using both OneDrive and Obsidian Sync.

To me, this sounds like you might possibly have some sync conflicts in your workspace or settings files. So Obsidian can’t properly save the workspace state.

Go into your VaultName/.obsidian hidden folder and look to see if there are any duplicate workspace files. (Numbers at the end, or “Copy” in the name, etc.)

It might also be a problem in your Obsidian app settings folder. But I don’t know exactly which file(s) manage the list of open vaults. But rest assured this is something that can be fixed.

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Thanks. I’ve stopped using onedrive for personal stuff but I used to back up obsidian to google drive. It was still there for some reason and I deleted it from there. I’ll see if that works.

I deleted the folders on google drive then rebooted. I opened obsidian and it opened an update splash screen. Not sure if that had anything to do with it or it was the files in google drive, but it seems fine now. Thanks.

Copying your vault over (one-way) to Google Drive would be ok. But if you had both Google Drive and Obsidian Sync two-way at the same time, that could certainly be what may have been causing issues.

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