Vault on HDD or SSD?

I have a question regarding vaults/notes. Should I put my vault(s) on an SSD, or is it okay to put them on an HDD? I have a 4TB G-DRIVE I use with, or maybe I should use my SSD (iCloud)? I only have one more SSD but it is dedicated to work and post-processing…

Do you think I will notice a big difference in terms of speed, etc.

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I think it really depends on the size of your vault. If you have thousands of files, the graph view might be the only thing taking a performance hit. But then again it’s more on the cpu/gpu.

SSD can make a difference but for most use cases I think you will be fine with a decent HDD too. Personally I use an SSD.

Okey thank you. I have just started, so time will tell…