Vault not deleting

have cleared all files from specific vaults. no way to delete a vault from within obsidian. do i need to go to the cloud storage site and delete the vault folders?

If you click the “Open Vault” button in the bottom left it has an option to delete a vault from Obsidian’s recent vaults list, maybe that will help.

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I’m moving this to “Resolved help” since there hasn’t been no replies for 3 days. Let me know if you have further questions, in which case we can move it back.

Thanks for understanding!

Went to open vault, and the only option that existed was “open another vault”

I believe that is where you have to go. Click on "Open another vault" and your vaults will be listed there. You should see a little x beside each vault, which you can click to delete the vault from Obsidian’s list of vaults.

As far as I know, this does not delete the actual files. Just the vault from the list.


Awesome. thanks much! That does the trick.