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I see that deleted .md files are placed in .trash, which I empty regularly with a simple `rm .trash/* (is there a way to empty trash in Obsidian itself?). But what happens to any png files or other files which were automatically imported. It seems those remnants could become significant over time.

Is this a problem, ie. are they being garbage-collected, and if not, how do you deal with it?


I haven’t yet, but I’ve been meaning to try one of these plugins. A quick search turns a few up:

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From Obsidian settings, you can select the option to move deleted files directly to the system trash instead of .trash.

Images and other files linked to the deleted Markdown, however, will not be deleted at the same time.

If you want to batch delete images that are no longer in use, this plugin is easy to set up.

If you want to find and organize files other than images (.pdf, .md, etc.), this plugin is helpful. It has more detailed features.

(I’m a little surprised I didn’t know there were so many similar plugins out there)

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Thank you for your responses and answering my questions. I’m new still and didn’t even think about looking for plugins this way. Do you do this via a google search or is there some sort of directory of unofficial plugins?

In any case, I consider this solved.

I usually poke around in the community plugins window (Settings > Community Plugins > Browse), but there’s also search on the page:

Thank you.

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