Vault location mac locally

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What I’m trying to do

Hi! I´m new to obsidian and also to mac. After a little bit of research I think I will store my vault locally on my mac because I want it fast and icloud seems slower and there can be some sync problems from what I have heard. Also I am going to be in a place abroad with very uncertain access to internet. So I cant rely on having an internet connection but I will use my computer and obsidian every day. I am thinking If I want to use several devices some day I could get obsidian sync or maybe even move the vault to icloud if i wnat to?

The other question is. If I save the vault on my desktop, is that locally? I mean it feels like it should be but I can also access my macs desktop through my iphone so it seems my desktop is also on icloud?

Things I have tried

Q1: There’s an option called storage detection that will delete local files when your Mac doesn’t have much space. Every time you open Obsidian, they will be downloaded from iCloud again. Turn it off.
Q2: You’ve synced the Desktop and Documents folders to iCloud. Check it in iCloud settings.


As moz said, you can check your iCloud Drive settings, but I’d avoid Documents, Desktop, and the iCloud Drive folder itself if you don’t want iCloud messing with anything.

/Users/YOU/ObsidianVaults/{VAULT1} (if you want to keep multiple vaults together in one folder) or similar will be safe and local, i.e. only on that device.

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